Zenith Roofing Services provides a variety of engineered rooftop fall protection solutions to best suit your specific application. Many common work procedures, such as maintenance of roof drains, cameras, lights, skylights and HVAC equipment require access to roof areas where fall hazards exist. Any activity where a fall of greater than four feet could occur is considered a fall hazard by OSHA. The professionals at Zenith Roofing can provide the products and expertise that best suit your specific application, keeping your staff safe and secure while minimizing impact to workplace productivity.

Zenith Roofing can provide a system to prevent a fall occurrence for new construction or for existing buildings. Our team of safety professionals can evaluate and make recommendations based on the building structure, work procedure, frequency and other critical factors, ensuring all equipment is compliant with OSHA regulations. Zenith Roofing can outfit your facility with any of the following rooftop fall protection solutions:

  • Single Point Anchor
  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Guardrails
  • Roof Hatch Safety Rails
  • Skylight Fall Protection
  • Davit Arms

Call our roof specialist to outfit your facility with any of our fall protection anchors, lifelines or other rooftop equipment. We also offer certification and inspection of existing rooftop fall protection equipment. Get in touch today for more information about any of our fall protection systems.



Falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic workplace injury in the United States. In 2016, there were 384 fatalities (almost half of all work-related deaths) and a staggering 48,000 serious injuries per year due to falls. According to OSHA, individuals working at four feet or above are at risk, and the law requires that facility owners and managers provide protection for these workers.


Fall protection is far more than beams, anchors, and bolts. It is a complete system designed for a specific application. Rooftop Anchor provides these solutions from concept to completion, for both new buildings and retrofit projects. We work with you to develop and maintain effective fall protection systems that comply with current OSHA and ANSI regulations.