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Common installation Errors With Shingle Roofs

When inspecting shingle roofs for replacement or repair, we see a lot of problems with the previous installations. In the Dallas Fort Worth area, most shingle roofs are replaced after hail storms. During the rush to roof as many as possible, companies hire any crew that will work. Crews are not always experienced and hire any worker who will show up. Some crews have been around for years and are great. Others are just starting.

That Pesky Leak That Won’t Go Away and Nobody Can Find

A common occurrence for us is to arrive at a building and have the owner say the leak has been going on for a long time and multiple companies have tried to fix it, but it still leaks. Why can’t anybody find and stop a roof leak. The roof looks so simple. To understand this, you must first understand how roofing repair technicians operate.

The Power of Bid Comparisons

So you just received your three or more bids for repairs or reroofing your building. In the residential market, they are usually simple to compare, but in commercial roofing, they can be vastly different. Roofing companies have preferences for products and systems. Some are willing to violate building code and industry standards to lower the