Did You Know….

…More than 18,000 businesses are damaged or destroyed each year by lightning?  Annual property loss reaches into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

…Plug-in surge protectors don’t always protect your computers and other electronic systems?

…Trees do not protect?  They frequently provide a path for lightning to follow into your building.

…There are 2.35 billion lightning events globally per year?

…In 2019 Texas led the nation in lightning strikes!

…Plug-in surge protectors don’t always protect your computers and other electronic systems?

What is lightning?

LIGHTNING can be considered a gigantic electric spark traveling between cloud and earth.  Its energy level is difficult to comprehend.  A single lightning flash may be on the order of 30 thousand amperes, 200 million volts and takes place within 30 millionths of a second.  It is known that short circuits in normal 15 amp structure circuits can cause fires.  Compare this with current and voltage values 2,000 and 10,000 times that of the average circuit, respectively.

Why a Lightning Protection System?

A properly designed Lightning Protection System will protect LIVES and PROPERTY against lightning damage.  Such a system is designed to safely carry lightning currents to ground without damage to the protected structure.

A properly designed Lightning Protection System will also take into consideration the myriad of electronic devices found in today’s businesses.  Surge protection devices should be provided to guard against unwanted electrical disturbances from entering the structure via the electrical, cable television, telephone or data lines.

Zenith will inspect, service and certify your existing lightning protection system to ensure that it functions properly and protects your assets!  Often times equipment is added to a roof after the LPS is installed.  Do you know if that equipment is protected or did it just make your entire building vulnerable to a lightning strike?  Is your equipment regularly maintained and inspected to ensure it is functional?  Does your system have proper air terminal spacing, equipment bonding or proper fastening?  Do you and your team know what deficiencies to look for?  Don’t worry you are not alone and rest assured that Zenith has you covered.

We will also design and install a brand new system to retroactively fit your building and guard your equipment.  Call us today our plan is proactive and preventative and is designed to give you peace of mind by keeping you, your people, and your assets safe.

Maintaining your current Lightning Protection System is essential to its performance!

Damaged roof mounted conductor cable will impede lightning’s path to ground which may cause it to “flash” off onto other metal equipment causing damage.

Has equipment ever been added to the roof since your Lighting Protection System was installed? Ensuring such equipment is within the zone of protection is required to keep your system up to standard.