cambell-center Zenith Roofing offers classes in a 1-hour Lunch & Learn formatted for Building Managers and Engineers. Zenith also offers a more comprehensive four-hour class. Below you will see the example of our four-hour class. The one hour Lunch & Learn class is designed based on your requirements and needs. TDI credited continuing education courses for Insurance Adjusters are offered in 1, 2 and 4 hours. For more information click INSURANCE ADJUSTER CONTINUING EDUCATION. The classes are free and we guarantee these classes will be educational, fun, fast-moving, interactive and hands-on. ROOF INSPECTION PRINCIPLES Low Slope Commercial Roofing 4.0 Hours Introduction: Course Objectives:
  • A comprehensive understanding of the principal types and components of low slope roofing systems for commercial buildings
  • Understanding of the numerous types of roof systems and how they react to weather-related conditions (hail, wind, etc…)
  • Methods to improve roof inspections
  • How to analyze roof problems and determine a cause
  • Budgeting: Present and future needs
Low Slope Commercial Roof Systems: Each roof system will be identified and its applications, strengths and weaknesses will be discussed.
  • Built-up Roofing Systems (Asphalt/Coal Tar Pitch)
  • Single Ply Systems (TPO/EPDM/PVC/CPE/CSPE)
  • Modified Bitumen Systems (APP/SBS)
  • Polyurethane Foam Systems
  • Metal Roof Systems (Structural/Architectural)
Commercial Insulations: Each insulation type will be identified. Why is insulation specified? How is it attached? R-value assignment? When should tapered insulation and cover board be added? Factory Mutual uplift and Code concerns will also be discussed.
  • Expanded Polystyrenes
  • Extruded Polystyrenes
  • Wood Fiber
  • Perlite
  • Polyisocyanurate
  • Gypsum
Deck Systems: Identifying the different types of deck systems. When is deck replacement required? What goes into deck replacement? Lightweight concrete curing concerns.
  • Metal deck types
  • Concrete (Structural/Lightweight)
  • Wood
  • Gypsum
Inspection Procedures:
  • Visual Non-Destructive Roof Survey
  • Testing for Moisture (Why? When? How?)
  • Infrared
  • Nuclear
General Topics of Interest:
  • Dealing with Roofing Contractors
  • Dealing with General Contractors
  • Working with Roof Manufacturers
  • Code Upgrades (Perimeter Metals, R-Value, etc…)
  • Roof Accessories (Expansions/Control Joints/Coping Cap/Flashings/Breather Vents)
  • What can be temporarily or permanently repaired and what can’t
  • Pricing considerations for high-rise buildings and speciality jobs
  • Core Testing/Lab Analysis
  • General Waterproofing
  • When is it not a roof problem and not an insurance claim
  • Interior Protection Issues
  • Lightning Protection/HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing and other roof related issues
Q&A: Conclusion Certificates Issued For more information, please call us at 1-800-276-6344.