The Power of Bid Comparisons

So you just received your three or more bids for repairs or reroofing your building. In the residential market, they are usually simple to compare, but in commercial roofing, they can be vastly different. Roofing companies have preferences for products and systems. Some are willing to violate building code and industry standards to lower the price. The quotes are full of roofing jargon and terminology you may not understand. They can be wordy or very simple. This may be the only time you have or will ever review roofing bids. This where Zenith Roofing can help.

One of the services Zenith Roofing provides is the bid comparison spreadsheet. After we give you our proposal package and you have reviewed it, then you can provide us with all your bids after covering or marking out the prices. We then put all the items of each proposal into a list. Each contractor listed at the top with checks or X’s under each item they included. Blanks for items they didn’t. This provides you with a quick visual comparison of the scope of work for each proposal.

At this point, you will have a better idea about which items should be included and which are unnecessary. Did two bids replace the gutter and one not? Were two bids removing the existing roof and another overlaying the system? Did one bid include AC and plumbing disconnects and reconnects and the others expect you to contract that separately? Are all bidders meeting local building codes? There are many things that can be different in proposals that a spreadsheet style bid comparison can reveal.

Now that you have the comparison, you can work between price and items to create the scope of work you want for your project. You may have to research and decide about a roof system such as TPO versus Modified Bitumen, but the salesmen should give you justification for why each is beneficial, acceptable or detrimental for your building. You can discuss each item with each contractor and have them tell you why they included or excluded items.

Bid comparisons can be especially useful when negotiating an insurance claim. Some contractors bid low price to get your work. This means you may not get paid for some items which were damaged or get full value. Comparing bids by items allows you to see all the items you should be getting. This allows you to replace your roof properly.

The management at Zenith has extensive experience in all roof systems. To get a bid for your project and a bid comparison, call 800-276-6344.

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