Zenith has developed into a full-service building envelope company. What does that mean to you? Zenith will stop water (moisture) from infiltrating your structure. Building “envelope” signifies the complete outer surface of your structure (top, bottom, and all sides). The forty-plus years Zenith has been in business has given us the insight to both identify and solve countless envelope issues.

Facade Restoration Services mitigate moisture or water intrusion that may enter through exterior walls and lead to costly interior repairs and damage. Water intrusion is alleviated by removing the façade then installing a new waterproofing barrier, repairing the substrate or structure of the building to form a proper sealer or waterproofing membrane.

    • Masonry/Brick Repair – Exterior damage to facial of brick, block, or precast.
    • Repointing/Tuckpointing – Cracks from movement in mortar joints.
    • Stone Replacement and Restoration – Exterior facial damage to stone that needs repair by patching, replaced, or re-anchored.
    • Brick Replacement – Brick is broken or cracked we will replace with original or color new brick to match existing.
    • Epoxy Injection – Loose brick, block, stone, or precast will be injected with epoxy to prevent falling or breaking points.
    • Structural Steel – Rusted or damaged steel will need immediate attention.
    • Concrete patching – Broken, cracked, or spalled holes off the side of the building.
    • Cleaning and Restoration – Power washing of building and conducting an observation report on any unknown damages.

Expansion Joints are commonly used to control structural expansion and contraction and they require repair and maintenance to assure proper performance.

Joint Sealants create a barrier against water and moisture intrusion allowing dynamic movement within window systems and thru-wall penetrations. Over time, pre-formed silicone gaskets in curtain wall systems will fail due to UV rays and weather conditions. This will require maintenance and repairs to stop or prevent water intrusion and air infiltration. To prevent this, you must remove or trim the damaged pre-formed silicone gaskets and re-seal the curtain wall system at glass applying a high-grade silicone product.

Coatings and Sealers provide aesthetic appeal and waterproofing capabilities for both vertical wall applications and horizontal flat surfaces. Coatings have any application needed for the prevention of voids and spalls on all locations.

    • Coatings and Sealers – Cleaning of brick, block, stone, and precast is required surface preparation to allow a sealer or coating to absorb into the substrate to avoid future damage and staining.
    • Silicone
    • Elastomeric
    • Acrylic
    • Pedestrian Traffic (non-slip) Coating
    • Vehicular (non-slip) Coatings
    • Decorative Coating
    • Epoxy Flooring

Structural Concrete Repairs provide protection against catastrophic failure of concrete structures for far less than the cost of replacement.

    • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Systems
    • Rebar Repair
    • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Concrete Mortar Repairs
    • Epoxy Mortar Repairs

Waterproofing is essential to commercial structures to ensure long-term protection against water intrusion. We provide repair and replacement services for all requiring waterproofing systems.

    • Pedestal/Paver Systems
    • Sheet Membrane
    • Fluid Applied Membrane
    • Crystalline Systems
    • Bentonite Waterproofing Systems

Cleaning and Sealing provides protection against moisture buildup which leads to efflorescence, staining, and mildew.

    • Clear Penetrating Sealers
    • Decorative Stains

Maintenance and Repairs

    • Elevator Leak Repair – Elevator shaft/pit is leaking water or holding water.
    • Basement Leak Repair – Water seepage at cracks or floor line.
    • Window Leak Repair – Any water intrusion in window system
    • Parking Structure Inspections and Maintenance Plans – Complete observation report unknown issues or future issues.
    • Building Inspections and Assessments – Complete exterior observation report of unknown issues or future issues.
    • Emergency Fall Hazard Remediation – Brick, block, stone metal, or any life-threatening removal needs immediate attention.
    • Yearly Maintenance Plans – 3mos, 6mos, or yearly observation reports recommended for life-threatening issues or damages to the building.

Trained/Certified Manufacturers

    • BASF
    • Professional Products of Kansas
    • Dow Corning
    • Sika
    • Soprema
    • NeoGard
    • PWS Professional Water Sealants
    • Tremco
    • Prosoco
    • Garland
    • Polyglass
    • Tropical